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Improving storage and transport of critical materials

through simple to use innovative laboratory hardware

"Identify the problem, then solve it" - our mentality

What we do

Apart from our engineering design and build work of any feasible equipment, machinery, product and process for various industries, our core patent pending technologies seek to simplify and improve the storage and transportation of materials such as reagents and biologicals.

Pipetting Samples
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Revolutionizing traditional stabilization techniques

By creating highly stable non-reactive storage environments, our device PAVA96, when used with MWellGX, promotes preservation and material 'freshness' to safeguard material quality and efficacy.

MWellGX is a next-gen sealing accessory for reagent, biomaterial and other material storage which can be used on its own, or together with PAVA96. 


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Making stabilization simple

PAVA96 and MWellGX add another 'layer' of protection for your critical materials to reduce contamination risk and maintain uniform and consistent reactions prior to storage or transport in just a matter of seconds.


Small footprint

Our technologies are compact in size, with PAVA96 being approximately the size of a standard toaster, and can therefore easily fit inside any biological safety cabinet (BSC), providing safe and reliable material processing.

Synergistic capability

PAVA96 and MWellGX can 
also be used as a tool to accelerate research for those seeking to improve shelf-life and stability of materials. 



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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8P 0A1

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