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Advance your automation capabilities and improve efficiency

We are here to streamline the process of designing and building specialized equipment, tools, and machinery that are tailored to your needs

Our team excels in engineering solutions, designing, and building a wide range of equipment, machinery, and products.

With international experience spanning various industries—automotive, electronics, aircraft, packaging, food, pharmacy, and chemical—we offer expertise in automation.

Our services include designing and constructing product assembly lines, welding systems (MIG, TIG, flux, spot, projection, ultrasonic, and heat stake), linear transfer systems, machining centers, in-mold labeling stations, riveting stations, forming stations, leak testing stations, set-up fixtures, tooling gauges, and more.

We leverage the latest technologies, including robots, collaborative robots, magnetic drives, and vision systems, to deliver innovative solutions.

Sector Agnostic Automation 

With 30+ Years of Experience



175 Longwood Road South, Suite B21
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8P 0A1

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